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The 10 best resources for available jobs during the pandemic

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome.  That’s what defines your career.” – Carlton Fisk 

We’re at the halfway mark of my 30 Days of Purpose email challenge that began on April 6th.  This challenge was about helping people maintain their sense of peace, sanity, resourcefulness, connection and purpose during the novel Coronavirus global health pandemic.

There are over 40 people from around the country and even, internationally currently in the challenge.

In this challenge, we’ve been traveling to countries and taking virtual tours (yes, even during the pandemic, we took a virtual vacation).  Want to know where my family went?  To the Joali Maldives resort (you couldn’t tell we weren’t really there – we were listening to the peaceful sounds of the crashing waves amazed by the beauty of the ocean and reminiscing about our last resort vacation – that’s how powerful the mind is).  Check it out here.

We’ve been connecting with our own families through Friday night dance parties or indoor hide and seek.  

We’ve reached out to friends, colleagues, parents, teachers, family members with words of encouragement (because words have power) and actively found opportunities to support both small businesses and healthcare professionals.  

We’ve also connected to our faith, internal spirit and deeper sense of meaning during this time realizing that we’re all connected in some way and even in the midst of chaos, we can still live each day with purpose and service to others.

BUT, the challenge wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging and supporting the millions of people who have lost their jobs due to the virus outbreak.

Losing a job can be a life changing event for people.  There may be a sense of grief from the loss of job, then anger about the unfairness of the loss or any number of emotions. Those feelings are normal and expected.

Some people may choose to talk about their job loss and welcome support while others want alone time to process their feelings. 

Today’s challenge was about job hunting or career resources and here’s some information that was shared with challenge participants. 

You can click on many of the links below to view each resource in more detail.

1) Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a resource for finding professional remote or flexible jobs (click here).

2) Upwork

Freelance work in a variety of fields that could provide an additional income stream or interim work (click here).

3) Fiverr

Freelance and Gig work based on a specialized skill set can be found by clicking here.

4) Local staffing agencies

Local staffing agencies in your community may be able to place potential candidates in contract, temporary or permanent assignments that can fill a short or long-term financial need.

5) Healthcare companies

Healthcare companies and clinics are in need of retired or trained healthcare workers, medical assistants or temp healthcare workers.

6) Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter is a job search site that’s currently highlighting trending job titles. Some of the trending opportunities are medical assistants, online tutors, virtual assistants, online teachers (click here).

7) Indeed

Indeed has great resources dedicated to job seekers and current employees impacted by COVID-19. Click this link here to find resources such as the top companies hiring right now, best practices for working from home with kids, free job search and training tips, job search or unemployment resources by state, and more.

8) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business networking tool. It’s the “Facebook” for professionals seeking to connect. It’s most useful for those with active LinkedIn accounts and can be a great way to remain connected with your network, offer valuable professional insights and information and build your personal brand. I LOVE LinkedIn and have been a member since 2006.  It’s never too late to join and begin building a strong network for the future. Current members of LinkedIn can also visit #HiringNow pages by clicking here with a list of almost 70 companies who are hiring for thousands of positions right now.

9) Who’s Hiring List

Click here to see a list of companies with open opportunities.

10) Remote Work and Cloud-Computing / Storage Companies

Zoom and other digitally-based companies are hiring. Companies with technologies that support remote workers or those in cloud-computing & storage may be great to look into for current job opportunities due to their increased demand.

So, how can you help?

Identify someone looking for job hunting resources and support during this time or you can use the resources.

Ask if they would be interested in you sending some resources. If the answer is “yes,” share any resources that may be beneficial.

If you’re unable to identify someone, create a post on social media to share some of these or other resources with others who may be looking for career or job hunting ideas.  

There are a ton more that should be on this list.  Feel free to comment and post additional job search resources below.

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