I’m The Career Disruptor™ devoted to delivering results for ambitious women with big dreams who want help overcoming obstacles, pushing past fears and challenging the status quo in their careers.  Take action to create the career and life that you want.  If not now, when?

To transform your career and begin building the life of your dreams, you have to become a master of your time.  

Hi, I'm Nicole.
A career consultant, coach & speaker

You're in the right place if you are....

Feeling rushed, exhausted and overwhelmed?

You have a hectic schedule in your personal and professional life.  Your career and life have pulled you in many different directions.  You feel like you’re not giving your all to any role that you play at work or at home.  Your “work day” never seems to end.  Making a change feels even more stressful since you can’t think of any other options.

Loving what you do, but feel stuck in a career rut or lack a plan for the future?

You’re with a great company, have a great boss and work with awesome colleagues.  Yet, you feel like you’ve hit a career ceiling or lack excitement.  You wonder “what’s next” even though others think you should be happy where you are.  You don’t know what you’d do if your current job didn’t exist tomorrow.  Maximizing your experiences to move up or learn new skills seems daunting because you don’t know where to begin.  

Desiring a fulfilling career and more time with those you love?

You want to start over in a career or environment that supports all of you.  You don’t want to live for the weekends, but you don’t want to leave your career either.  Waiting until retirement to enjoy life doesn’t make sense to you.  Living life to the fullest every day and spending time in a career that you love and with those that you love are both important to you.  You know it’s possible, but need someone to help you create a new reality.

No matter what you're feeling now, you can have....

More fulfilling opportunities and greater results right where you are 

A future plan for your career even if you love what you do today

OR a complete career change 

Are you ready to challenge the status quo
in your career?

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