challenge the status quo in your career

I’m The Career Disruptor® devoted to delivering results for ambitious women in the workplace who don’t feel fully valued.  I’ll help you disrupt limiting beliefs and transform your difference into the tool that gets you from where you are to where you want to be in your career and life.


Hi, I'm Nicole

I’m a primary breadwinning working mom, corporate executive, thought leader and online entrepreneur.  

My life changed once I embraced the “nonconformist” in me like sharing that I “love drinking pickle juice” in an interview….leading to one of the greatest roles of my life.  

I’m here to help you take action through a career strategy built around your unique vision and purpose while embracing your difference and living outside of the box that others have placed you in to create a career and life beyond your wildest dreams.  

Because the one currency you can’t replace is TIME!  



Are you ready to
challenge the status quo
in your career?