Keynote Speaker, Workshop Host and Event Panelist 

Speaking Appearances

Greenville TEDx Open Mic Salon Speaker
Birmingham Business Journal Executives of Influence Panelist
Greenville SC Chamber Diversity & Inclusion Summit Presenter 
DisruptHR Greenville Speaker
Institute of Management Accountants Regional Conference Presenter
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Presenter
Greenville SHRM Annual Conference HR Innovators Speaker
Asheville Chamber of Commerce Presenter
Clemson University Presenter
Anderson University Presenter

Nicole is known for the energy and interaction she brings to inspire and inform people with her speeches, workshops, or as a panelist. She engages audiences through her humor, authenticity and ability to connect to them and handle complex and challenging topics in an actionable and impactful way.

Signature Speaking Topics

Managing Your Career and Life Through Career Disruptions

This will be a session that you'll never forget. I'll share the importance of becoming your own Career Disruptor® and how to manage and leverage career disruptions to create the career and life of your dreams. You'll also learn mindset strategies, techniques and insights to disrupt limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles in order to challenge the status quo in your career and life. You'll receive actionable tools from my custom framework and coaching model, The Career Disruptor® Method. This topic is great for Keynotes or workshops.

The Power of Owning Your Story and Leading With Authenticity

This topic is perfect as a Keynote for individuals looking to be inspired and motivated to own and embrace their "difference" and who they are inside and outside of the workplace. I'll teach my S.T.O.R.Y. technique to help each person own their story and walk away with a greater sense of purpose on how to lead their lives with authenticity to serve as role models within their teams, communities, home or the world. They'll fully embrace who they are and leave inspired to help others do the same.

Finding Your Purpose and Creating a Strategic Vision For Your Life

I'll share a transformational exercise that'll help individuals dig deep to understand who they are and who they're meant to serve. This experience is life-changing and will help your attendees leave with a clear path to creating a vision for their lives and finding their purpose. We'll also discuss how vision and purpose work together to help them ultimately discover their calling. This is a great Keynote or workshop.

Voiceless in the Workplace

This topic is designed to help people find their own voice in the workplace or to support leaders, women's groups or organizations who are looking to retain diverse talent at work. Many people, especially ambitious women who feel undervalued and overlooked in traditional workplaces, are looking for opportunities to find and share their voice. In this session, I share my powerful custom V.O.I.C.E. framework to help attendees or leaders create a space for everyone to feel included and have a voice in their organizations. This is best suited for workshops.

Leveraging Differences in the Workplace

This topic is best as a workshop for organizations or conference attendees in leadership roles who desire to drive greater innovation, engagement, inclusion and retention of ambitious women in their workplaces. This is great for a deep dive into the power of inclusion and equity. We'll discuss why diversity alone isn't enough to support the advancement and growth of women in the workplace and how to leverage differences and challenge implicit biases to see the full impact and benefit of the diverse perspectives that women bring to the table.

Nicole is a primary breadwinning wife, mom, corporate executive, thought leader, and online entrepreneur. She is also known as The Career Disruptor® and created Nicole Andrews International, LLC offering career coaching, consulting, speaking, online courses and other events all focused on teaching and inspiring ambitious women in the workplace how to disrupt traditional thinking around their careers to reach their full potential and build their dream career and life.

She has a special passion for opening doors for other ambitious women in the workplace who feel undervalued and overlooked. These women are who she calls “Women of Difference” who may feel like they don’t quite belong and feel under-supported in traditional workplaces, such as working moms, women of color, women of faith, women who think differently or any woman who has a difference that has not been fully embraced within themselves or in their workplaces.

Nicole has worked in leadership roles at top tier organizations that were Top Fortune 25 Best Places to Work in the Industry and Fortune 1000 companies. She began her career in sales, but has primarily worked in Human Resources with her most recent role serving as the Vice President of Human Resources for a professional services firm. She has 15 years of experience in the field of Business and Human Resources. Her roles have included supporting recruiting, performance and career development, inclusion & diversity, employee engagement, training and organizational development and strategic planning within her areas of expertise.

Nicole is a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) and received her CMCS credential from the National Career Development Association. She has a Master’s in Human Resource Development and a Master’s in Business Administration from Clemson University in addition to a Bachelor’s in Business Management with a minor in Psychology.