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The 3 Secrets to Career Success

Remember that song, “You can get with this or you can get with that.”

There are so many books on the secrets to success or how to do this or that in your career.  It can be confusing to sort through all the information out there and narrow down on some key ingredients for career success.

So, today, I’m sharing my 3 P’s for career success.  Yes, there’s more, but this will give you solid foundation to continue your career success or find it if you’re looking to enhance success in your career.

1) Patience

I’m feeling the musical prowess come alive in me today.  Do you know the song “I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now.”

Well, that’s what it can feel like we’re singing if we don’t have the patience to go through the experiences needed to get to the next step in our career.

Delayed gratification is our friend in our career.  If you’re growing into new roles or experiences every 2-3 years – that’s a great marker to go by. 

But, if you get into a role and within 6 months, you’re ready for the next thing, that may set you up for frustrations in your career. 

Delayed gratification is knowing that every experience in your career sets you up for the next one.

Having a learning focus versus an earning focus throughout your career can give you great earning potential and earning power down the line. 

Now, I’m not saying accept less than you’re worth in a position.  This is more about focusing on how each new role or experience will help you learn and build skills that will set you apart as you continue to advance in your career. 

2) Perseverance  

The next one is Perseverance.  I want to encourage you today that success is waiting on the other side of that mountain – in this case, on the other side of perseverance to see things through. 

Don’t quit on your goals or dreams too soon.  Most people are almost at the tipping point of greater success in their careers, but they give up right before they reach the finish line. 

Perseverance builds resilience.  Career setbacks, challenges and barriers to success are inevitable.  But, resilience is your ability to get back up more times than you fall down.

No matter what happens in your career, as they say, failure is not fatal and it’s definitely not final.  Quitting is fatal and quitting is final. 

You wouldn’t ever tell your child to stop trying to ride a bike if they fall down.  You’d encourage them to keep trying and that you’ll be beside them every step of the way. 

Encourage yourself if you have to and never give up.  

Keep trying because success comes with Perseverance.

3) Process

Finally, the last P is for process. 

Have you seen people just winging it at something they’re working on. 

It may work for a short time, but once their plates are full, their lack of processes will show up in the results (or lack of results).

Have a process for everything you do. 

What’s your unique value added processes that only you can do?

When you create processes and methods of doing things that get you consistent results, it will show up in the quality of your work. 

Yes, follow your company’s processes and standards of doing things, but then, make improvements that can help accelerate your success and visibility at work.

If there isn’t a process in place, create one.  This can set you apart from others who are just winging it. 

So, how are these things a career disruption?

Patience is lacking these days.  Patience in the workplace can be a virtue.

Perseverance is hard in an instant gratification world.  Persevere to see things through.  The results are in your ability to persevere.  

Process is creating a repeatable system or method of getting results. 

Your process can be something you uniquely do in order to get things done or something you share to help others get results. 

Processes can help you lead better and focus on more higher value activities at work because you’re not having to start over every time you do something.  You have a process in place. 

So, remember the 3P’s of Patience, Perseverance and Process as your starting point for career success.

Comment below and tell me your favorite career success tip from this article or your own personal experiences.

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