Summary: Day 9 Challenge Instructions

Find a local business to support through one or more of the following ideas:

1) Order giftcards for later use 

2) Purchase products from their online shops

3) Consider continuing to pay if you’re able (even if services are temporarily available)

4) Order takeout (ex: local restaurants) or pay for pre-orders (ex: bakeries)

5) If you’re in the U.S., forward information about the CARES Act to local small business owners who may be eligible for federal small business “forgivable” loans by clicking here or here.  

6) Post your own creative image or use the images here or here with the #RescheduleDontCancel on social media along with a message to inspire people to postpone or find alternate ways to receive their services rather than canceling purchases.

  • Share how you’ll be supporting local small businesses (for example, you could post “I pledge to postpone my bookings rather than cancel, pre-pay for deferred services, buy gift certificates, and tip generously when I can.  Help me spread this message to amplify the voices of small business owners who play a tremendous role in making our communities and daily lives better.  Let them know we stand with them in support of their businesses, livelihoods and families during this time of need.”  
  • You can also tag any small businesses that you’ll be supporting. 

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