Summary: Day 30 Challenge Instructions

Purpose is really about service to others. Tony Robbins says that our own suffering ends when we focus on serving others.

I hope you found that to be true during this challenge of shifting your focus to purpose and service to your family, friends, colleagues, communities and your own self-care and growth in these past 30 days.

Take an hour today and reflect on your experiences in a journal or in your Free 30 days of challenge workbook (download the workbook here).

Reflect back on the impact each of the challenges had on you and everyone around you in these 30 days.

As you move ahead….

Begin journaling at least 10 minutes per day.

A journal is something that can capture your deepest desires, emotions and experiences.

If you begin journaling every day, it could improve your life in these 10 ways:

1) Capture memories and experiences to help you write your first book

2) Remember your experiences from year to year

3) Share specific details of your experiences in life with your children and other future loved ones who may want to learn more about you

4) Manage your emotions through the trials and triumphs in life

5) Pick out good or bad patterns that may be keeping you stuck in your career and life

6) Give you a way to measurably track your progress in your career and life

7) Be your daily confidante or pocket companion when you don’t have anyone to talk to (putting pen to paper can be healing and carrying a journal with you at all times to write down your feelings and experiences can be a source of comfort)

8) Help you uncover your deepest thoughts and biggest dreams

9) Reflect on the memories from your past, live more fully in the present moment and begin envisoning and designing the future you want to create

10) Capture your daily gratitudes (journaling about what you’re grateful for each day can increase joy, lessen anxiety and bring more happiness into all areas of your life)

YOU DID IT! You completed the 30 days of Purpose challenge and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead for you.

I hope that you found this challenge to be purposeful, meaningful and a way to maintain your connectivity and peace during these challenging times. Look out for a special bonus before the end of the week and a special invite.

I would love to hear which challenges you loved and had the greatest impact on you the most.  Send an email to and let me know which challenges you enjoyed the most.  

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