Summary: Day 25 Challenge Instructions

Today’s challenge is all about something you can create with pillows, chairs and blankets.

It’s a FORT!

You can do this challenge whether you have young kids, old kids, or no kids.

Don’t know how to make a Fort?

No worries. I got you covered.

Gather some pillows, blankets and chairs in an open area in your home.

Take at least 3-4 dining room style chairs and put them in front of each other (2 on each side).

Throw some blankets over the chairs (you’ll need at least 2-3 big blankets).

Then take 4-5 pillows and place them around the bottom of your Fort.

Then, sit on the floor inside of the pillows in your fantastically made Fort and make up funny stories or share funny stories of real-life experiences you’ve had.

If you want a simpler Fort, take 2 chairs and place them in front of your sofa. Then, sit on your sofa and have others sit in the 2 chairs.

It’s your fort, so you can use whatever you choose to make it. Just make today a Fort day!

Kids (both young and old) will love and remember this for years to come.  

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