Summary: Day 22 Challenge Instructions

Take 30 minutes today and reflect on your experience and emotions during this time. You can even journal about them if that’s easier.

Then, take another 30 minutes and create a quote, poem, song or short story about your experiences, emotions and feelings during this time.

They can be good or bad feelings you’ve had.

The key is to stretch your creativity muscle, step outside of your comfort zone and express your feelings in a creative way through a quote, song, poem or short story.

This is the first time in the challenge where we’re directly leaning into what’s happening in our world right now with the novel coronavirus.

Everyone’s emotions and ways of managing this pandemic will be different.

Create something to capture how you’re feeling during this time. What you do now during these challenging times can shape your habits and life over the next decade.

That’s why, even in the midst of chaos, you’re in this challenge.

You know that even though we’re in the midst of uncertain times, this is your time to continue rising up and being a light for those around you right now.

So, once you’ve created your quote, poem, song or short story, consider sharing it on social if you think it would be helpful or keep it in a safe space for you to reflect back on this time at the end of 2020 and at the end of this decade.

Remember that you chose connection over isolation, purpose over aimlessness and faith over fear during one of the worst times in history.

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