Summary: Day 20 Challenge Instructions

Find an old photo album in your home and pictures that you’ve printed, but never put in an album.

You can even order a small photo album online along with prints in a size that fits the photo album.

and both allow you to upload and print photos (confirm international shipping availability if you’re outside of the U.S.).

You can upload your prints and VOILA!

They’re shipped directly to your home within a week or two.

Once you have your prints and album, create your photo album with help from your family.

I’m sure there are other online printing options, so choose whatever floats your boat to make your photo album.

It’ll be a great conversation starter to have on display once people are able to visit again.

If you can’t make a photo album now, take some new photos or videos from this time and print them later OR make an electronic photo album from all of the photos in your phone.

Ed Sheeran even made a song about It’s a really powerful song if you listen to the words ( while you’re making your photo album).