Summary: Day 2 Challenge Instructions

This is all about hide and seek in your home.

The thrill is trying to find a place to hide no matter the size of your home.

 Carve out about 30 minutes today or this evening.
This is simple if you’re playing with 1 other person.
Split into 2 groups if you’re playing with more than 3 people to make sure you don’t run out of hiding places.  
Decide who wants to count and seek and who wants to hide.
Then, have the “seekers” go to one area of the house together to count (i.e., a laundry room, bathroom, etc).  
Have the other person or group hide in the same place or different spaces.  
Then, try to find them after you’ve finished counting.  
Now, rotate turns so that others can find you.
You can play this 3 times and the person or group who wins twice are the champions.
This will bring a little indoor fun and change up your normal routine.  Kids will love it (and parents, too).  
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