Summary: Day 18 Challenge Instructions

Think about 2 people you want to write: one in your home and one outside of your home.

If you don’t have anyone in your home, you can write 2 letters to people outside of your home.

These should be people closest to you like your spouse, children, friends, parents, siblings, other family or neighbors.

Take 15 minutes with some paper in hand and think about the person you’re writing (any paper will work if you don’t have traditional writing paper).

Write each person a letter from your heart.

Here are some writing prompts:

1) What are the 3 things that I appreciate about this person?

2) How has this person helped me in my life?

3) What have I learned from this person?

4) What is new about my life right now that I want to share?

5) What do I want to share about my feelings and emotions during this time (ups and downs if you’re comfortable sharing)?

If mailing is a safe and available option where you are, add the address and stamp and drop the letter in the mail to people outside of your home (or mail on a future date).

Place the other letter in a frequently used place for the person in your home to find.

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