Summary: Day 12 Challenge Instructions

Take 30 minutes (WARNING: This may last longer since you may not be able to stop dancing).
You’ve had a long week so Friday challenges are all about unwinding.

I’m challenging you to a dance party this week.
It’s that simple.
Turn on some music through your phone, T.V. music channel or other device (the more upbeat the better) AND…
Have a Friday night dance party in your home with your kids, spouse and anyone else in your home who’d like to jam out, too (invite your family members virtually to join if you’d like).
Don’t have anyone in your home?
Then, dance until your heart is content in your living room by yourself.  

Here are a few of my favorite jams to get you started:
  • Higher Love (Whitney Houston and Kygo)
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
  • Happy (Pharrell)
  • Better When I’m Dancin’ (Meghan Trainor)
Go ahead…look up each of the songs and I’ll bet you’ll start to move.  Let loose cause you’ll feel “better when you’re dancing.  I promise.  

Share your pictures and short video clips in the private challenge Facebook community here.  I’ll be looking for them and may just shout out some of your moves.