Summary: Day 11 Challenge Instructions

Think of someone you haven’t connected with during this time that may need to hear some words of encouragement.  

This is different than a check-in since check-in’s are mostly for listening and asking questions.  This conversation is different because you’re actively inspiring and sharing words of hope, encouragement and inspiration.  

You’re serving as the inspirational leader.

It could be your spouse, children, direct report team at work, your leader, other parents, teachers or anyone that needs your words of hope and encouragement right now. 
You can create a virtual 30-60 minute “happy” hour with your team late one afternoon to share in some laughs or funny work from home stories (i.e, extroverts versus introvert stay at home perspectives and experiences).  Then, follow it up with a positive word of encouragement to your team.

You can share some encouragement with your spouse and talk about something to celebrate (whether that’s finding toilet paper or something big like an upcoming birthday or anniversary). 
You could offer words of encouragement to kids, teachers or other parents who are struggling with balancing home school and remote work.  There are resources available with remote learning ideas for children of all ages, ideas on managing anxiety or helping kids cope and deal with grief from the loss of loved ones.  These resources can be found here.   
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