Summary: Day 10 Challenge Instructions

You can do this visualization exercise sitting quietly for 10 minutes in your home or on a walk if you can go outside.  You can also get your family involved and ask them to do the exercise with you.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself coming out of this situation happier, healthier and more whole than ever before.  
Vividly picture where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing after you’re able to leave your home for more than just a grocery trip.   See yourself in that moment and think about how you’ll feel after you come out of this experience.  
See the detailed activities that you’ll be engaged in and how it’ll feel to visit and hug loved ones.
Think about the person you’re becoming and how this experience can help you continue on your path or change directions if you choose.  If you’re looking for a change, DREAM BIG!
Think about where you’d like to be in your faith, relationships, career and life 1 year from now.  See yourself already there and how your personal journey in pursuit of purpose will positively influence everyone around you.
Close your visualization with a loud “I’m excited to be living with purpose each day and I will be happier, healthier and whole after this global experience.” 

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