Summary: Day 1 Challenge Instructions

This first challenge is designed for you to connect with a colleague. 
Reach out to a colleague preferably via phone to check-in today.  It can be a brief call of 15 minutes or less.  
Typically, our calls to co-workers are for specific work-related reasons or to ask for their help.  Make this call informal.  
Ask them how they’re doing and if there’s anything that you can help them with, then pause to listen.  They may need advice or a listening ear at this time.  Or, they may ask for your help with something.  
If you can help, find a way to respond before the end of the day if it’s something simple or respond with an update if it’ll take longer.  
Your call today may be the exact thing they need to get their week started on the right foot.  
They may pay it forward, which can start a positive chain reaction especially within new “virtual” work arrangements.

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