What’s The Career Disruptor® Method Career Coaching?

The Career Disruptor® Method is my custom coaching model and framework blended with virtual one-on-one coaching sessions and science based career and personality assessments to discover your strengths and who you are, what you really want in your career and life and why.  

My custom framework and proven strategies help you disrupt traditional thinking around your career so that you can live your best life inside and outside of work in a time where conformity and following the status quo is more acceptable.  

There’s a difference between finding a job and creating a fulfilling career.  But, how do you create a career and life that you love if you don’t know where to start? OR you feel stuck on a career treadmill unable to change the speed to reach your next level? 

You need:

CAREER CLARITY to discover your dream career and make sure you’re on YOUR right path, not the path that others have set for you 

CAREER STRATEGY and a plan to advance your career. 


As an overachiever, you’re not looking for a crystal ball or easy button. 

You’re ready for change, excited to do the work and willing to take one step, two steps, three steps….and ultimately, bold leaps to transform your career and reach your full potential.  

You know that you were made for more, but need help getting clear on your career possibilities, pushing past fears and gaining confidence in your skills.  

Or you want to set healthy boundaries in your current career.  You want your career to fit within your life, not build a life that fits around your career.  

I partner with ambitious women like you who want to challenge the way things have always been to create new possibilities in your career and life.  You’ll have a personalized plan to begin moving towards the career and life of your dreams.  

“Life is made up of small, purposeful steps.” Together, we’ll define the future YOU really want, and you’ll have a clear and actionable, step-by-step plan to achieve it.

The Career Disruptor® Method 6-Month Package 

Focus: Career Clarity and Career Strategy


This package is best suited for ambitious women who are 1) looking to advance or overcome specific obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential in your career OR 2) looking to identify a fulfilling career path or make a career change in order to build your dream career. 

The first part of this package is focused on steps 1 through 3 of my custom coaching framework.  It’s all about CAREER CLARITY so you’re clear on where you’re headed and is designed to provide a personalized, yet structured approach to get clear on your unique vision, values and purpose and align them with where you really want to be in your career.

The second part of this package is focused on steps 4 through 6 of my custom coaching framework, and it’s about creating a CAREER STRATEGY that supports your ability to reach your next level on the path to fulfilling your highest potential in your career through a comprehensive, personalized career plan.

Step 1 – Discover Your YOUniqueness

Step 2 – Investigate Career Possibilities

Step 3 – Select Your Career Path 

Step 4 – Redesign Your Career

Step 5 – Update Your Personal Brand

Step 6 – Plan Your Career Strategy

This coaching package is for you if you’ve faced roadblocks and lost enthusiasm along your journey and are looking to take back control over your current career or make a bigger impact in a new career or company.  It’s also for you if you’ve had a “set it and go” mentality in your career and are well down a career path that is no longer fulfilling or simply want to rediscover your career possibilities. 

The Career Disruptor® 6-Month Coaching Package will help you push past fears, obstacles and barriers to help you disrupt traditional thinking around careers and begin exploring the career and life you truly want while disrupting the status quo to build a career and life “you don’t have to escape from.”

Total Investment: $4,997


During this 6-Month Program, You’ll receive:

  • Client pre-session prep work
  • 1 pre-career coaching goal alignment session (90 mins)
  • 18 individual core coaching sessions over twenty weeks (50 mins each)
  • 3 built-in breaks to help you reflect and implement 
  • 1 Follow up session (50 mins)
  • 1 Personality and career assessment
  • Homework, support materials and follow up in-between sessions
  • 1 Bonus 
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What you’ll take with you…

  • Your clearly defined Vision for your career and life 
  • 3 Exploratory career paths and 1 personally designed optimal career path
  • 1 Personalized career and personality report to use in your journey
  • A Customized career plan to help you commit to action
  • A Resume critique and refresh
  • An Updated LinkedIn profile
  • Interviewing and Negotiation skills coaching 
  • A Clear understanding of your unique skills, accomplishments and contributions
  • Strategies, insights and tools to help you beyond the coaching session 
  • Clarity, confidence and courage to disrupt traditional thinking to fulfill your ultimate Vision and Purpose  
Investment:  $4,997


Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.
Step 1:  Complete the contact form below with your preferred service.  
Step 2:  Watch your email for questions from me and a link to schedule a free 30 minute-career consult.  Before we hop on the phone, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.  
Step 3:  Hit “reply” to that email and answer the questions. Then, schedule your free 30-minute career consult through the link.
Step 4:  Save the date for your career consult and prepare to be fully present during the call.  During the call, we’ll make sure we’re a fit to work together towards your career goals.  

Step 5:  Then, we’ll get started!  I’ll
send the final steps and a link to my online scheduler for you to book your coaching sessions if you choose to move forward.
Don’t see what you need?  Exclusive private coaching packages are also available for a few select, clients each year.  Complete the form and tell me what you are looking for in a custom coaching package.  If it is a good fit, we’ll discuss next steps.