Your personalized Career Path Success formula is....


You’re the person everyone wants to be around at work because of your genuine care and compassion for people!

You’ve found yourself in a “go-to mediator” role throughout your career because you’re an awesome listener and have extreme patience with others.

Like Taylor Swift, you “Shake it off” and don’t hold onto things.

You enjoy genuinely connecting with others at work and tend to be more “relational” than “task” focused.  

Advice seeking and advice giving helps you serve as a trusted advisor to others and makes you a better professional since you’re open to feedback from others.

You like meeting and interacting with new people, especially likeminded professionals.

You’re the great “connector” of people and people can trace how they met at work or at a networking event back to you.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “I could talk to you all day” a lot at work. You truly value all people.

You’re well on your way. Expanding your network and building relationships can continue to help you reach new heights in your career.

But, alongside your ability to create amazing relationships is a tendency to not always get things done at work.

You find the days pass you by without any real sense of progress on your growing “to-do” list or management of your overall personal brand.

Building your skills and managing your brand are also important in your career success path.

Luckily, there’s a clear path forward and you can leverage Relationships to help you reach even greater levels in your career!

Ready to boost your Career Path Success formula? Try these 3 Tips...

Relationships AND Branding + Skills

1. Relationships 

This is your strength. One quick success tip is to continue to leverage relationships you’ve built to strategically identify a potential mentor(s), sponsor(s) or opportunities inside (or outside) your company to support the next step in your career.

2. Branding 

Leverage your natural gift of connecting and building genuine relationships to build your brand reputation. One easy success tip is to share your short posts, articles, or your own professional knowledge and expertise on social media, particularly LinkedIn. This’ll help you become known not only within your company, but within your broader professional community.

3. Skills 

You’ve gained skills through your work experiences that make you successful in your role and career. One additional success tip is to identify a skill you’ve been wanting to master or a skill you know will help you stand out in the marketplace or your profession. Then, create a 3 to 6 month plan to begin mastering that skill.

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