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The Career Disruptor® Academy is an inclusive results focused community for high achieving mid-career professional women looking to disrupt the status quo in their careers on purpose. This membership is for The Career Disruptor® Lab course alum only!

Careers are no longer able to thrive on a "set it and go" mentality. You need a different level of support, accountability and clarity to create the career and life you really want in the new future of work!

Here's what clients have said about my Career Disruptor® Method Coaching Programs:

"It helped to break down my goal, create action items, and recognize how to not put too much pressure on myself, yet maintain a positive outlook in my career."

"This was a great experience - valued at much more than what we paid."

"I did reach my goal of increasing visibility in my role and getting on substantial projects. I think the fact that I wrote it out and gave an account every other week helped me to stay focus on accomplishing my goal."

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"I was so caught up in the busyness of work that I Didn't take time to stop and define what I wanted. This community made me selfishly devote time towards true development."

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