The Five Major Career Disruptions for Ambitious Women

A practical, live workshop with simplified strategies to amplify success in your career in 2020 and beyond

Live Workshop

Hi, I'm Nicole Andrews. After more than a decade of helping working professionals in the workplace, I’ve developed a process to help ambitious women manage the 5 major career disruptions that can impact their careers.

These 5 Major Career Disruptions are:

1. Credibility

2. Office Politics

3. Career Setbacks

4. Major Life Changes

5. Time Management

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This workshop is for you, if :

You're tired of wasting precious time and energy climbing the corporate ladder only to find that it's become a concrete ceiling that's difficult to get through.

You don't want to "sell out" in your career to grow into advanced levels and don't know where to start to gain traction within your company and overcome current obstacles.

You want to grow as a leader and become more visible in your company without "bragging" about your accomplishments.

You want to handle temporary setbacks in your career with ease and use them to propel your career options, not limit them.

You want to manage your time to feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled in all areas of your work and home life.

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