Introducing the career disruptor® Lab

The Career Disruptor® Lab course is a 6-week program for high achieving mid career women to help you unlock your purpose, uncover new possibilities for your career and boost your confidence.  

You’ll have a foundation to disrupt the status quo on purpose to future proof your career and redesign a career that fits your unique talents and skills so you can make a living and a difference doing the work you were born to do!

Are you tired of saying...

  • “I feel invisible at work.”
  • “I feel stalled in my career and feel like I should be further ahead.” 
  • “I want to make a change in my career, but don’t know what steps to take or who to turn to for help.” 
  • “I want to show up as the “real” me at work, but have to hide who I am to fit in.”
  • “I have to pick between work and family.  That’s just the way it goes…work/life balance is impossible.”  

Can you picture yourself saying...

  • “I feel valued and seen for the first time in my career.”
  • “I now feel in control of my career and don’t feel stuck in one role or company.”
  • “I’m no longer scared to make a career change.”
  • “I show up as the real me at work and it feels so good.  I finally feel like myself again.”
  • “I won’t pick between my work and family anymore.  I deserve to have a great career and a great life with my family.”

"I'm on a mission to help women confidently take back control of their careers."

 There was a time in my career when I questioned whether I’d ever be fully seen, valued and heard at work.  

We have a tendency to dream about a bigger impact and more fulfillment in our careers then almost instantly question if we have what it takes to make it happen. 

Sometimes, we begin to lose our sense of worth trying to work twice as hard to get to that “next level” and feeling stuck on the inside even if we have all of the trappings of success to the outside world.

And I bet you’re a bit like me…you enjoy working hard, but not at the expense of losing yourself and your sanity.

"Brought my vision to life by helping me develop a great resume,
vision for my career and strategies for managing my situation
at work while pursuing new career opportunities."

“When I made the decision to work with Nicole, I felt the glass ceiling right above my head every time I walked into the office.  I felt undervalued and stuck.  Nicole was able to quickly assess and offer a view of my current situation.  She is an amazing strategist and helped me develop a great resume, vision for my career and think through how to manage my current situation while pursuing a new one.  She sees the best in you and helps you build a plan to put your strengths and passions to work in your career.  Equal parts business advisor, career coach and cheerleader, Nicole helps you bring your vision to life.  I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally and would recommend her to anyone looking to transform their career and their outlook on life.”

Deanna, Sales Representative

By the end of this program, you'll have...

1. Discovered Your "Youniqueness"

Clarify your unique difference, vision and purpose and get clear on who you really are, what you truly want and why.  

2. Investigated Career Possibilities

Open the door to new possibilities in your career and learn about career opportunities in any economic environment.  

3. Selected Your Career Path

Commit to a career path that aligns with your newly uncovered vision and purpose to make a bigger impact without feeling stuck in any one role, company or field forever.  

4. Redesign Your Career and Life

Learn your ideal company culture match and redesign your career and life in a way that works for you to make bold new career moves that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

Want me to save you a seat...

You'll get the four core training modules, four advanced bonuses and a special alumni event - yours to keep forever! As a Career Disruptor® Lab Course grad, you'll have the option to join The Career Disruptor® Academy Membership to receive ongoing career focused content, access to the community and live group coaching at an exclusive, alumni only rate!